We have broad interests in fungal evolution, taxonomy, ecology, and functional biology, with a focus on Agaricomycetes (mushroom-forming Fungi). The common thread uniting all our projects is a phylogenetic perspective, derived from analyses of molecular sequences, and increasingly from whole genomes. We take an integrative approach to fungal biology, combining fieldwork and specimen-based studies with lab-based and computational studies of molecular evolution, development, decay, and comparative genomics.

The research synopses linked below outline the major areas of our research, but not every project has been mentioned, and all of these pages get out of date fast. To get a sense of our latest projects, see the publication list.

Research areas:

  1. Diversity and evolution of nutritional modes in Agaricomycetes, including decay biology and mycorrhizal symbioses
  2. Morphological and developmental evolution in Agaricomycetes
  3. Systematics and phyloinformatics: translating trees and sequence data into taxonomy
  4. Diversity and evolution in Fungi and specific clades of Agaricomycetes, including: Polyporales and Gloeophyllales; Agaricomycetidae; Lentinoid fungi, including shiitake mushrooms; Cyphelloid and marine Agaricomycetes