Welcome to Marisol Sánchez-Garcia and Chaoqun Wang!

Two new lab members joined our group last week.

Marisol recently completed her PhD with Brandon Matheny (a former post-doc and AFTOL alumnus) at the University of Tennessee. She is interested in systematics of mushroom-forming fungi, particularly Tricholomataceae, and has pursued diverse projects involving comparative methods and bioinformatics. Marisol is joining us as a Postdoctoral Fellow and will be studying morphological evolution in Agaricomycetes.

Chaoqun comes to us from the Guangdong Institute of Microbiology and the South China Botanical Garden, in Guangzhou, China. She is here on a one-year grant from the China Scholarship Council. Chaoqun has studied systematics of Boletaceae and Agaricales, and is particularly focused on Hygrophoraceae. While here, she will participate in projects on Lentinula, the genus of shiitake mushrooms, and Stiptophyllum erubescens, an unusual stiptitate-lamellate member of the Gloeophyllales.

Welcome to both!


Chaoqun Wang (left) and Marisol Sanchez-Garcia