Terashima visits/tour of Massachusetts shiitake farms

Our colleague Kazuhisa Terashima visited last week to discuss collaborative research on the shiitake genus, Lentinula. Terashima-san is from the Tottori Mycological Institute, where I did a post-doc many years ago. Noemia Ishikawa, who has been visiting from Brazil since January, also did a brief post-doc at TMI, and is collaborating on the Lentinula project. Small world. While in Massachusetts, we took the opportunity to visit two local shiitake farms, New England Wild Edibles in Colrain, and Forest Harvest Farm in Petersham. Both are using traditional Japanese log-cultivation methods to produce mushrooms that are vastly superior to anything available in the supermarket.

log soaking tank.jpg

Log soaking tank, New England Wild Edibles.


Shiitake spawn inoculating tools

at Leo's farm

At Leo Mondragon’s Forest Harvest Farm, in Petersham, Mass. Left to right: Noemia, Kazuhisa, Leo.

Leo's shiitake

Leo’s log-grown shiitake


Paul Revere

in Boston