Farewell to Kiwamu

Umezawa_Dec_04_15Kiwamu Umezawa, who has been visiting from the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, returned to Japan last Friday. It seems like only yesterday that he arrived. While here, Kiwamu helped us describe the wood-decay apparatus of Lentinus tigrinus, based on two monokaryotic genomes produced by the JGI.The image below shows one of the products of Kiwamu’s research, which is a phylogenetically-corrected PCA analysis (conducted using the phyl.pca function in Liam Revell’s R package phytools) of gene contents in 27 gene families encoding decay-related enzymes in 19 selected fungal genomes, mostly basidiomycetes in the Polyporales. The results suggest that L. tigrinus (Lenti6_1, below) is a fairly typical white rot basidiomycete, most similar to its sister group Polyporus arcularius (Polar1), and also the model white rot species Phanerochaete chrysosporium (Phchr2). These results will be reported in full when we eventually write up the L. tigrinus genome paper.

Ltig PCA