Romina is just back from Lima, where she ran a symposium on Amazonian fungi at BIOCON 2015.

Fungi of Peru

Speakers Speaker at the Amazonian Fungi Symposium: (from left to right) Fiorella Cadenillas, Teresa Iturriaga, Eimy Rivas Plata, Magdalena Pavlich, Marcel Gutiérrez-Correa, József Geml, Aída Vasco Palacios and Romina Gazis


Dr.Gutierrez-Correa Dr. Marcel Gutiérrez-Correa presenting his talk “Genomics of fungi with industrial applications from the Peruvian Amazon”

Last October 17- 2015, the Amazonian Fungi symposium was held as part of the Biodiversity and Conservation of the Tropical Andes and the Amazon Rainforest (BIOCON) meeting in Lima-Peru. The Symposium had 8 speakers, including local mycologists such as Dr. Magdalena Pavlich (Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia), Dr. Marcel Gutiérrez-Correa (Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina), Dr. Eimy Rivas Plata (Field Museum), Fiorella Cadenillas (B.S. Student, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia) and myself (Postdoc, Clark University). There were also international mycologists from Latin American, USA and Europe: Dr. Teresa Iturriaga (Harvard University, Farlow Herbarium), Aída Marcelo Vasco (PhD candidate, CBS Fungal Biodiversity Centre – Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences Netherlands…

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