More boletes on the cover of Australian Systematic Botany

Our collaboration with Roy Halling on Boletineae of Australia has yielded three covers. The latest shows the striking Boletellus emodensis on the cover of Australian Systematic Botany:

click for full-size image

Roy Halling, Nigel Fechner, Mitchell Nuhn, Todd Osmundson, Kasem Soytong, David Arora, Manfred Binder, and David Hibbett. 2015. Evolutionary relationships of Heimioporus and Boletellus (Boletales) with an emphasis on Australian taxa including new species and new combinations in Aureoboletus, Hemileccinum, and Xerocomus. Australian Systematic Botany vol. 28: in press.

Sutorius Harrya coverHere are the two other covers (click for full-size images), references are here.