Peruvian fungi @ NCBI nucleotide database

Romina’s analysis of fungal sequences in NCBI originating in Peru vs. other S. American countries.

Fungi of Peru

The nucleotide database hosted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) includes a collection of sequences from several sources such as GenBank and RefSeq. Access to the database here: The NCBI nucleotide database is open to the public for data browsing and downloading. Studies in which DNA sequences are produced through the sequencing of cultures or specimens, or through direct sequencing (using next generation sequencing techniques) are generally required to deposit the newly generated sequences in this database. Once the study is published, sequences become accessible to researchers. These DNA sequences can be used in several types of downstream analyses related to taxonomy, diversity and/or biogeography. Therefore, the NCBI nucleotide database and the metadata associated to each sequence-accession, represent an amazing source of data that sometimes is not used at its full potential. For instance, mining nucleotide sequences can contribute to build  species lists and track species’ distribution. Even…

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