Mycological Society of America, June 8-12, East Lansing, MI

This year’s MSA meeting was held in June at the Kellogg Center at Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI. This was a stand-alone MSA meeting, and these are always the most fun. The meeting was followed by an NSF-supported workshop on sequence-based classification of fungi (more on that later). Photos from the workshop below:

2014-06-13 08.30.26

John Taylor, Nathan Wilson, and me, with David Geiser's reflection.

John Taylor, Nathan Wilson, and me, with David Geiser’s reflection.

Our lab had eight presentations at MSA:

  1. Gazis, Romina; Kuo, Alan; Floudas, Dimitrios; Grigoriev, Igor; Spatafora, Joey; Hibbett, David. Xylona heveae (Xylonomycetes) genome: a window to fungal endophytism
  2. Nagy, Laszlo; Hibbett, David. Convergent regulatory evolution underlies the repeated appearance of yeast-like fungi
  3. Knudson, Alicia; Hibbett, David. Fruiting body shape in Gomphales and clarification of Ramaria
  4. Nagy, Laszlo; Hibbett, David. Insights into the evolutionary origins of the white-rot decay apparatus in Basidiomycetes
  5. Gazis, Romina; Rees, Jonathan; Ree, Rick; Smith, Stephen; Hibbett, David. Lost in translation: challenges of transferring information from phylogenies into taxonomy
  6. Seelan, Jaya Seelan Sathiya; Justo, Alfredo; Nagy, Laszlo; Hibbett, David; Hughes, Karen. Phylogenetic relationships and morphological evolution in Lentinus, Polyporellus and Neofavolus, emphasizing Southeast Asian taxa
  7. Justo, Alfredo; Hibbett, David. The genus Pluteus (Agaricales, Basidiomycota) in North America, how close are we to a continental Mycoflora?
  8. Hibbett, D. S. Challenges and opportunities in sequence-based identification and classification of fungi. Symposium: Sequence-based Identification of Fungi.