Volk at Clark

Mycologist, educator, and webmaster Tom Volk visited Clark on Friday Nov. 1, 2013. Tom is a professor at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse. Many people know Tom from the popular Tom Volk’s Fungi website. Locally, Tom is also famous as a former PhD student of our former Department Chair, Dr. Thomas J. Leonard. Tom (Volk) was in Massachusetts at the invitation of the Boston Mycological Club, which hosted a foray on Saturday in Estabrook Woods, Concord, which was one of Thoreau’s favorite haunts. Here are some pictures from the foray and a lab group meeting at Clark.


Volk in red

BMC walk 02Nov2013


Lab group with Tom Volk. Front: Otto Miettinen, Tom Volk, Dimitris Floudas. Back: Alicia Knudson, Laszlo Nagy, me, Alfredo Justo, Mitchell Nuhn, Alexis Carlson, Romina Gazis, Sam Kovaka, Rachael Martin, Jaya Seelan.