Foray at the Ecotarium

Today our lab visited the Worcester Ecotarium to collect fungi and evaluate the site for possible forays for the public. Conditions have been just terrible for mushrooms—very dry recently. Nonetheless, we found over 60 species of fungi (and one slime mold) in about an hour of collecting. Most of our collections were wood decayers and ectomycorrhizal taxa. The latter included about ten species of Russula, five species of Amanita, and six boletes . A very rough, preliminary list is posted below. The Ecotarium has very nice woods on the property. With a little more rain this would be a fine place for a foray.


Here are a few photos of our finds. We will post more images soon.

Byssocorticium terrestris, a resupinate ectomycorrhizal species

Byssocorticium sp., a resupinate ectomycorrhizal species

Entoloma sp.

Entoloma sp.


Schizopora flava?

Stereum sp.

Stereum sp.


Very tentative taxon list.

Mycetozoa Fuligo sp.
Ascomycota Orbiliomycetes Orbilia sp.
Pezizomycetes Chlorociboria aeruginosa (no fruiting bodies)
Hypomyces sp. (on Tylopilus sp.)
Dibaeis baeomyces
Cladonia coniocraea
Basidiomycota Hymenochaetales Inonotus sp. (?)
Oxyporus populinus
Phellinus aff. gilvus
Hyphodontia sp. (?)
Agaricales Amanita brunnescens
Amanita flavoconia
Amanita flavorubescens
Amanita muscaria
Amanita vaginatae s. lat.
Calvatia sp.
Entoloma sp.1
Entoloma sp.2
Inocybe sp.
Marasmius sp.
Panellus stypticus
Schizophyllum commune
Atheliales Byssoporia terrestris
Russulales Lactarius sp.
Russula sp.1
Russula sp.2
Russula sp.3
Russula sp.4
Russula sp.5
Russula sp.6
Russula sp.7
Russula sp.8
Russula sp.9
Russula sp.10
Stereum sp.1
Stereum sp.2
Stereum sp.3
Boletales Boletus bicolor
Boletus longicurvipes
Boletus subvelutipes
Scleroderma areolatum
Strobilomyces floccopus
Xerocomellus chrysenteron
Xerocomus pallidus
Polyporales Antrodia or Perenniporia sp.
Cerrena unicolor
Daedaleopsis confragosa
Irpex lacteus s. lat.
Phanerochaete sp.
Piptoporus betulinus
Polyporus melanopus
Skeletocutis sp.
Trametes elegans or gibbosa
Trametes versicolor
Indet. Resupinate polypore 1
Resupinate polypore 2
Resupinate polypore 3
Resupinate polypore 4
Resupinate hydnoid 1
Resupinate hydnoid 2