Agaricus bisporus genome paper published in PNAS

The Agaricus bisporus genome paper has just been published in PNAS. This is another complex, project, with 43 coauthors, led by Emmanuelle Morin and Francis Martin. Laszlo Nagy and Dimitris Floudas from our lab contributed phylogenetic and gene tree/species tree reconciliation analyses focused on the heme-thiolate peroxidases, which have expanded dramatically in Agaricus, perhaps as an adaptation to life in humic substrates (see the figure below). For more information, see the JGI press release, or better yet, read the paper.

Agaricus bisporus; photo by Fred Stevens

The expansion of HTPs in A. bisporus. HTP copy numbers at internal nodes in the Agaricomycetes as reconstructed by gene-tree species-tree reconciliations in Notung under two edge-weight threshold values. Numbers after species names denote the extant copy numbers of HTPs found in the genomes of these species.

Morin, E., A. Kohler, A. R. Baker, M. Foulongne-Oriol, V. Lombard, L. G. Nagy, R. A. Ohm, A. Patyshakuliyeva, A. Brun, A. L. Aerts, A. M. Bailey, C. Billette, P. M. Coutinho, G. Deakin, H. Doddapaneni, D. Floudas, J. Grimwood, K. Hilden, U. Kues, K. M. Labutti, A. Lapidus, E. A. Lindquist, S. M. Lucas, C. Murat, R. W. Riley, A. A. Salamov, J. Schmutz, V. Subramanian, H. A. Wosten, J. Xu, D. C. Eastwood, G. D. Foster, A. S. Sonnenberg, D. Cullen, R. P. de Vries, T. Lundell, D. S. Hibbett, B. Henrissat, K. S. Burton, R. W. Kerrigan, M. P. Challen, I. V. Grigoriev, and F. Martin. “Genome sequence of the button mushroom Agaricus bisporus reveals mechanisms governing adaptation to a humic-rich ecological niche.” Proc Natl Acad Sci U.S.A.  (2012).