Foray at Cormier Woods

Yesterday we participated in a fungal foray at Cormier Woods, which is a Trustees of Reservations property in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. This was a Boston Mycological Club outing, led by Jason Karakehian. Most of our Clark lab came along, as well as members of the Pringle and Pfister groups from Harvard. The weather was unreal, and the collecting was fairly good as well—highlights for me included Pseudocolus fusiformis (the “lobster claw” stinkhorn) and Porodisculus pendulus (a minute, pendent polyopore that is closely related to Fistulina hepatica; see the tree section from mor, below….must get back to that project someday…..).
An article by Anne Mazar that appeared in multiple local newspapers is here. Many more images are posted here and here.
Here are some pictures of Dimitris and Anne Pringle spreading the good news about fungi. All in all, a great day.