MSA 2012 @ Yale

The annual meeting of the Mycological Society of America was held July 15-19 on the campus of Yale University in New Haven, CT. The whole lab came to the meeting, which made it particularly fun, and we had ten presentations, listed below. Lots of former lab members were there as well, and their presentations are also listed.

Jaya and Alfredo at the foray.

Romina and Jolanta Miadlikowska.

David, Alexis, Rachael, Darcy, and Dimitris.

Alfredo and Alexis.


Hibbett lab table at the MSA banquet (click for larger version).

The MSA chestnut gavel.

Presentations by Clark mycologists at MSA 2012 (P indicates poster; * indicates presenter)

  1. Three unfinished mycological tales. (MSA Presidential lecture.) David S Hibbett.
  2. Addressing the polyphyletic origin of Phanerochaete (Polyporales, Basidiomycota) based on a multi-gene dataset: how many lineages exist? Dimitrios Floudas* and David S Hibbett.
  3. Novel molecular markers and their utility in molecular systematics of Fungi. Jolanta Miadlikowska*, Bernie Ball, Francesc López-Giráldez, Jeffrey P Townsend, Ester Gaya, Tami McDonald, Suzanne Joneson, Andrii Gryganskyi, Teresita M Porter, Brandon Matheny, Kassian Kobert, Alexandros Stamatakis, Barbara Robbertse, Joseph Spatafora, David Hibbett, Rytas Vilgalys, and François Lutzoni.
  4. P: The Boletineae of Queensland, Australia. Mitchell Nuhn*, Roy E Halling, Manfred Binder, David S Hibbett, and Todd W Osmundson.
  5. P: Analyzing the role of white-rot fungi in bioremediation using transcriptome and degradation assays following growth on Number 6 fuel oil. Darcy Young*, Rachael Martin, James Rice, Dimitrios Floudas, Igor V Grigoriev, and David S Hibbett.
  6. P: Does ECM induce a clean sweep of decay related genes in Agaricomycetes? Laszlo G Nagy*, Dimitrios Floudas, Manfred Binder, Igor Grigoriev, Francis Martin, and David S Hibbett.
  7. P: Lepiotaceous fungi (Agaricaceae, Basidiomycota) in Northeastern North America. Alfredo Justo*.
  8. P: Lentinus sensu stricto in Southeast Asia. Jaya Sathiya Seelan,*, Alfredo Justo, and David Hibbett.
  9. P: Species delimitation in Trametes (Polyporales, Basidiomycota): a comparison of ITS, TEF, RPB and RPB phylogenies. Alexis L Carlson*, Alfredo Justo, and David S Hibbett.
  10. P: Open Tree of Life: Community driven synthesis of the Tree of Life.  J Gordon Burleigh, Keith Crandall, Karen Cranston, Karl Gude, David S Hibbett*, Mark Holder, Laura A Katz, Richard H Ree, Stephen A Smith, Douglas E Soltis, and Tiffani Williams.

Presentations from lab alumni:

  1. Fungal gene clusters, transfer, tinkering and death. Jason C Slot*, Matthew A Campbell, Han Zhang, John G Gibbons, and Antonis Rokas.
  2. Using new techniques in genotyping by sequencing to rejuvenate population genetic studies in fungi. Andrew W Wilson*, Norman Wickett, Paul Grabowski, Jeremie Fant, Justin Borevitz,, and Gregory M Mueller.
  3. The importance of carotenoids for sexual development of fungi. Nina A Lehr*, Zheng Wang, Francesc Lopez-Giraldez, Ning Li, Frances Trail, and Jeffrey Townsend.
  4. Comparative transcriptomics reveals new Neurospora crassa genes important to perithecial development. Nina Lehr, Zheng Wang, Usha Sikhakholli, Francesc Lopez-Giraldez, Ning Li, Frances Trail, and Jeffrey P Townsend*.
  5. Comparative transcriptomics identifies new genes important to perithecium development and function in Fusarium. Usha Sikhakolli, Nicholas Harrison, Nina Lehr, Zheng Wang, Ning Li, Frances Trail*, and Jeffrey P Townsend.
  6. Multidimensional regulation in transcriptome during sexual development in Neurospora crassa revealed with RNA sequencing. Zheng Wang, Nina Lehr*, Francesc Lopez-Giraldez, Marta Farré, Frances Trail, and Jeffrey P Townsend.
  7. A systematic revision of Clavariaceae (Agaricales) from the Pacific Northwest. Joshua M Birkebak* and Brandon Matheny.
  8. A phylogenetic evaluation of the tribe Leucopaxilleae: polyphyly, the LPD grade, and novel taxa from the Southern Appalachians. Marisol Sanchez-Garcia* and P Brandon Matheny.
  9. P: Ecological diversification of saddle fungi: Helvella indicated by phylogeny and secondary structure of ITS sequences from annotated collections and environmental samples. Jonathan Hwang*, Qi Zhao, Zhuliang Yang, Zheng Wang, and Jeffrey P Townsend.
  10. P: Transcriptional activity of “GH”-encoding genes from various fungal species grown on straws. Ingo Morgenstern,*, Justin Powlowski,, and Adrian Tsang,.

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