Brian Seitzman defends Master’s thesis

Congratulations to Brian Seitzman, who successfully defended his Master’s dissertation today (the photo below was taken shortly after the defense). Brian’s work has centered on the ecologically enigmatic (and stunningly beautiful) Hygrophoraceae, which he has studied using a combination of molecular phylogenetic and stable isotope analyses. One paper from this work is in print*, and another will emerge over the summer. Beginning next fall, Brian will start another Master’s program in the department of International Development, Conservation, and Environment at Clark. We will miss him in the lab, but it is good that he will still be part of our community here at Clark.

*Seitzman, B. H., A. Ouimette, R. L. Mixon, E. A. Hobbie, and D. S. Hibbett. 2010. Conservation of biotrophy in Hygrophoraceae inferred from combined stable isotope and phylogenetic analyses. Mycologia 103: 280-290 DOI: 10.3852/10-195.


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