2012 summer undergraduate researchers, 6/7/12

Two Clark undergraduates, Rachael Martin (left) and Alexis Carlson (right) will be performing research in our lab this summer. Rachael, who worked with Darcy Young on the Fisherville mycoremediation project, will be involved in two projects. One is a study of the Boletales of Queensland, Austraila, which is being conducted in collaboration with Roy Halling at the New York Botanic Garden. PhD student Mitchell Nuhn is also involved in this project. Rachael will also work on the Open Tree of Life project which seeks to construct a comprehensive phylogenetic tree for all of Life (an audacious, perhaps insane undertaking). Rachael’s role will be to assemble all the available phylogenies for the Boletales, which is consistent with her work with Mitchell and Roy on the Queensland boletes project. Both projects are supported by the National Science Foundation.

Alexis has been working for the last year with Alfredo Justo on taxonomy of the turkey tails polypore genus Trametes. This work (which is winding up nicely and will be presented at the 2012 MSA meeting in New Haven) is part of our NSF-supported PolyPEET project. This summer, Alexis is pursuing a new project involving fungal genomics focusing on the “gilled polypore” Lentinus tigrinus, under the supervision of post-doc Laszlo Nagy. Simultaneously, Alexis is developing her communication skills, writing a blog on the life and times of a mycology laboratory for a general audience. Alexis is supported by PolyPEET and a Steinbrecher Fellowship from Clark University.


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