Open Tree of Life begins, 6/1/12

The Open Tree of Life Project, supported by the NSF AVATOL program, launched on June 1, 2012. We are fortunate to be one of ten collaborating laboratories in this ambitious project that seeks to enable the construction of a comprehensive, continually updated ToL. For much more information, including a list of all the collaborating groups, please see the project website. A nice story about the project appeared in the New York Times.

An overview of all the projects supported by the AVAToL program can be found on the NSF website. Press releases from some of our collaborator’s institutions are here:

Here’s a photo of the group at an organizational meeting at NESCENT in May. Left, front to back: Laura Katz, Gordon Burleigh, Keith Crandall, Doug Soltis, Tiffani Williams. Right, front to back: Romina Gazis (who joins our lab in July as the post-doc on this project), Mark Holder, Karen Cranston (Lead PI), me, Stephen Smith, Rick Ree.


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