Darcy Young defends Master’s thesis, 4/21/12

Congratulations to Darcy Young, who defended her Master’s dissertation on April 21! Darcy worked on the highly interdisciplinary Fisherville Mill mycoremediation project, along with undergraduate Rachael Martin. This work, which was supported by the Mosakowski Institute of Clark University, as well as Fisherville Redevelopment Corp., LLC, sought to understand how (or if) white rot fungi are able to degrade hydrocarbon pollutants, and then use selected strains in a mycoremediation project at the Fisherville Mill, a brownfield site in Grafton, Mass. The project involved comparative transcriptomics, which was conducted in collaboration with the Joint Genome Institute Fungal Genomcis Program, and GC/MS analyses to assess the ability of fungi to degrade components of the “bunker C” oil that contaminates the Fisherville site, in collaboration with the Superfund Research Program at Brown University.

Darcy has accepted a position as a research assistant/technician in the laboratory of Dr. Amy Zanne, who is broadly interested in ecological, evolutionary, and biogeographic determinants of species distributions, with a particular focus on traits affecting wood decay.

In this photo, Rachael (left) and Darcy are inoculating wood chips with fungal spawn for use in a “mycofilter” system at the Fisherville site.


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